Bullhead Lake, July 2, 2013, with the Canadian hiking group

So much fun to hook up with the gals from Mountain View, Canada, on a hot, hot day--in the mid-80s! We had quite a group, with 11 of us and 7 plus two children for them. After the hike to Redrock falls and then Bullhead Lake, we had a cool drink at Swiftcurrent store and then rested at the Many Glacier Hotel. The gals from Canada were disappointed that there was no huckleberry icecream. Apparently in Canada, everything is Saskatoon berry (our Service berry), so they were sad not to get their treat at the end of the hike.

We had one person not feeling so well in the heat so some headed back sooner than the rest and one person who went on ahead and we were worried when we couldn't find her but all worked out in the end. She just ended up with a 10-mile hike!

For wildlife, we saw a mama moose with twins.
Who went: Beth B, Christi V, Jessica G, Sara, Michele, Katie, Kathy, Jessica M, Charlene, Susan, Gail

Link to Katie's pics
Link to Kathy's pics