National Trails Day, Get Fit Great Falls Trip to Rogers Pass--June 1, 2013

It couldn't be better: a walk along the Continental Divide Trail on National Trails Day, beautiful wild flowers along the way up Rogers Pass and beautiful women to pass the time with. The flowers were spectacular: douglasia, rock jasmine, huckleberry, service berry (saskatoon), groundsel, larkspur, forget-me-nots, buttercups, glacier lily, pasque flower, blue bells, Indian paintbrush, cous biscuit root, nine-leaved biscuit root, arnica, ballhead waterleaf,arrowleaf balsamroot, spring beauty, strawberry, current, gooseberry, shooting star, fritillary (yellowbell), yellowstone draba, bedstraw, bistort, Oregon/holly grape, prairie smoke (old man whiskers).

We saw moose, coyote and sheep sign and grizzly diggings in the rocks. A bluebird showed off for us but no sign of eagles or hawks today.
Who went: Kathy M, Katie, Sue, Susan, Lisa F, Roni, Jeanne, Brenda, all from the GIG and newcomers Beckie, Jackie, Becky, Lisa C, Ruth and Sally.

Come hike along the Continental Divide Trail on this all-gals hike to Rogers Pass, where the coldest temperature in the lower 48 was recorded at -70 degrees in 1954. Between Rogers and Marias Pass to the north are 100 miles of mostly protected wilderness with no roads in between. The pass was named for A. B. Rogers, a surveyor, who discovered this low area in the mountains in 1887. We hope you will be treated to a host of wildflowers at the top of this hike. This somewhat steep trek is about 3 miles round trip with 1,000 feet of elevation gain and loss.

Check out Katie's pics
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