Iceberg Lake in Many Glacier, July 9, 2013 and Sept. 15

Say a prayer for a hiker/climber as one died in Many Glacier today, a rather somber ending to an otherwise glorious day. We were delayed on the road during the helicopter recovery on our way home.
Otherwise, we did some "helping" on the trail. We helped new friend Mary make it past the scary steep parts so she could join her family at Iceberg Lake; Otherwise, she would have waited at Ptarmigan Falls for their return or headed back down the trail on her own. Kathy M gave a bottle of water to a very tired and thirsty hiker who had underestimated the water she needed. We also briefly met up with the gals from Canada just before Ptarmigan Falls, but never did see them again. We met a new friend in Christina from New York, with whom we talked at the lake. She lives in New York and visits national parks by herself.

Interesting side note about Mary: Doris's son lives in Pittsburg too and she walks down the street he lives on most days. What a small world! Mary invited us to come to her home state and do some hiking there.

At the lake, Katie, Kathy and Bonnie stood on an iceberg and froze their toes, but it was worth it. After dinner at the Swiftcurrent Inn and a brief stop at the Many Glacier Hotel, we drove back via St. Mary to get some pie for strength at the Park Cafe.

We were on the trail by 9:30 a.m. and ended just after 4:00 p.m.
katie's pics
Kathy's pics

From Kathy
What a fabulous day! Like I said, "Did I just die and go to heaven?!!" Anyway, it was such a gorgeous day, and I am so blessed to have all of you as my

It was especially nice to meet amazing people along the way such as Mary and Christina. I hope that we can share our GIG wiki with both Mary & Christina.

Also, a note
about my back pack for anyone who is interested. I bought my "day pack" at Big Horn, and they have different lengths, so depending on your height, you may want to have Chris or Amy at Big Horn fit you with the right pack. I love mine- it's an Osprey. Even though it may seem so heavy when it's filled with water, the weight doesn't bother my back. The bladder I have is a Platypus, and it is very easy to take apart and clean. If you buy a bladder, have Chris at Big Horn show you how it comes apart. Another bonus with it, is that you don't taste the plastic.

All I can say is that it is going to be ONE hard day at work today!! All I will think about is Glacier!

Who went, July 9th: Kathy M, Katie, Bonnie, Doris
Who went Sept. 15: Mary and Chrissie
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