Jefferson Creek and Memorial Falls, Dec. 22, 2013

The day looked nasty as we pulled out of the 4B's parking lot at 8:30 a.m., with snow blowing in Great Falls, but despite some doubts, we headed out to the King's Hill area to snowshoe up Jefferson Creek and hike to Memorial Falls, Just as predicted, the snow stopped by the time we arrived to produce a sunny and basically windless day. A bit cold, but with the snow breaking we had to do, we all stayed warm. We had about 6 inches of fresh snow over a thin base, so the rocks still reminded us that they were there.

Sheri, on her firs trip with us, decided to take a nap on the bridge--you have to see the picture to believe it. She said she actually felt comfortable. She is now our resident expert on ice, as she is an experienced ice fisher.

At the campground, we had a snack and then headed back to the car and a quick stop at Bob's bar in Neihart for a hot chocolate and sweet potato fries for Katie and chicken strips for Sheril. We aren't telling who had schnapps in their hot chocolate!

We got back around 3:00, just in time for Toni to catch the second half of her Seattle Seahawks' game.

See Katie's pic