Jone Creek and Waldron Creek/Teton Pass

Teton Pass/North Fork of Waldron Creek

Muddy was the word of day as we faced warm 40+ degree weather at Teton Pass Ski Resort and Jones Creek in the same area out of Choteau, Montana.
We had two groups, one going to Jones Creek on an MWA-led hike and others who had never hiked to along Waldron Creek to the Teton Pass area.
Kathy M, Kathy D and Doris went to Jones Creek, while Katie, Joanne, Bonnie, Beth and Susan headed up to the ski hill.

The weather at Teton Pass was nice to start out, in the 30s, then rising into the 40s produced a muddy trek back up the road to the ski lodge. The quinzees were a little worse for wear at Waldron Creek, the traps had nothing in them (but we did see big cat tracks and evidence that the cat had taken the bait) and the snowflakes fell nice and fluffy on the second half of the hike. We ended up post-holing quite a bit as we headed toward the bowl, the snow bridges weren't safe either, so we didn't quite make it all of the way. Both coming and going, we were treated to the sight of snow geese and tundra swans at Freezeout Lake. A great meal at the ski lodge rounded out the day.

Check out Katie's pics.

Jones Creek (MWA)

Kathy M's Pics

Saturday’s trip to Jones Creek proved to be a delightful and “invigorating” hike as Doris would say. As we started out on our hike, we donned on our snowshoes, but only to take them off about 15 minutes into the hike. Our hike leader, Len, told us to take off our snowshoes and leave them behind. As we continued on our hike, we encountered some snow in a few areas and did a lot of “post-holing” up to our knees and sometimes our thighs. Some of us got stuck and needed assistance to get out. Hiking along the rocky creek bed was a challenge, as the rocks were sharp and sometimes hard to walk on. We encountered all kinds of weather- from the sun peeking out and providing us with warmth, to little snow pellets, and then larger snowflakes. Fortunately, it was not real windy which made the trip very pleasant.

Along the way, we noted that the wide creek bed had odd mounds of rocks piled up into long rows, one right after the other. They almost looked like grave mounds. We were intrigued by the wide variety of rocks that were of different colors and textures. Our youngest hiker, Jeremiah, found several fossils. Some were fossils were some type of sea shell and there was another rock that had round fossils in it. The scenery was spectacular, and as a sure sign of spring, we noted the shrubs were beginning to bud! We are all anxious for Spring!

Wadron Pics

JonesWaldron (2).JPGJonesWaldron (8).JPG
We made the big hill!
JonesWaldron (20).JPGJonesWaldron (12).JPGJonesWaldron (15).JPG
The trap
JonesWaldron (25).JPGJonesWaldron (34).JPGJonesWaldron (40).JPGJonesWaldron (42).JPG

The quinzee

Jones Creek Pics

Jones (1).JPGJones (9).JPG
Jones (8).JPGJones (7).JPGJones (6).JPG
Jones (5).JPGJones (4).JPGJones (2).JPG