Morrell Falls and Tamarack Festival

Although we didn't find any morel mushrooms along the trail to Morrell Falls, we saw many other forms of fungi and toadstools.

We left Great Falls at 6:30 a.m., with Kathy M driving, and many deer along the way. The walk to the falls is a fairly easy one, except for one short uphill section and having to watch out for tree roots. We were worried that the falls wouldn't have enough water to be pretty, but we were wrong. The wispy look this time of year just presented a different view, revealing more of the rugged rocks that the water tumbles down.

The autumn colors were beautifu,l but the tamarack/larch trees weren't quite at their height of color. They were a lime green instead of an intense yellow, but pretty none-the-less.

After the hike, we enjoyed perusing the booths at the Tamarack Festival in the town of Seeley Lake. We found some sweet/hot gourmet habenero jam called Angel's Fire that we all liked, and a few of us found knitted items.

We finished the day with dinner at Lambkin's in Lincoln.

We were surprised at how soon we finished our hikes as we arrived home around 6:30, an unusually early end to the day for the "girls."
Link to Katie's pics
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Who went: Katie, Kathy M, Bonnie, Jeanne, Catherine, Susan