Muddy Creek Falls, July 7, 2013

Seven gals, including Kia from Finland, hiked into Muddy Creek Falls. The only person we saw was a man on a mule who said he was from Whitefish but he didn't know where he was going and ask about where he was and what was over the hill to the north. He passed us, then came back, saying he had run into a little bear, but he didn't know what kind and he would go up ahead to scare it away. I don't know if he thought we would panic or what, but then he went his way over to the Blackleaf Canyon.

We saw beautiful woods lilies, something I had never seen in this area, as they usually prefer a moist area. Many other flowers dotted the trail, from blanket flowers to bedstraw to bergamot.

A stop at the Bynum rock shop and the Dinosaur museum, followed by a stop in Choteau for Wilcoxson ice cream rounded out the day

Who went: Kathy D with guest Kia from Finland, Katie, Kathy M, Gail, Catherine, Debbie M..

Muddy Creek is hard to find: Here's how to get there
Go to Bynum (out of Choteau) and turn left at the Wildlife Sanctuary --it's a bar and it's red
The road will turn past the school
Take this road--the Blackleaf Canyon road, 13.9 miles. then turn left--you should see a Blackleaf sign
Drive one mile and turn left again.--you should see another Blackleaf sign
Go 1.4 miles and turn right
Go 1/2 mile and stay right onto a two-track narrow road
Go .2 miles and reach an arched gate that you need to open. Close it after you.
Go 2.5 miles up this narrow road to a parking area and gate.
Walk the road and then make your way up the creek and into the canyon. It is a bushwack with no clear trail. Just keep followiing Muddy Creek to enter the canyon.

To return home, reverse your steps with two left turns followed by two rights.

Link to Kathy's pics

Link to Katie's pics