Snowshoe Climb to the Lookout on Porphyry Peak

We all made it to the top! All seven of us! And three of us on brand new snowshoes. It was quite a climb and then some on a snowy, but warm day, just in front of a winter storm warning moving in, so we had to get down quickly. When one of the girls found out we were headed all the way up to the top, she said, "You're kidding, right?' No, we weren't kidding and it wasn't so bad because we took breaks and told "ring" stories. Length was about 5 miles.

We were all relieved to reach the lookout, which some of us climbed, and then relieved to see the cars at the end. All told, it took us three hours: two hours to climb up and one hour to go down. On the way up, we followed a skier and his dog; on the way down, we met a family of skiers going up.

We had a great meal at the Lazy Doe in Monarch to round out the day. But we'll have to continue the 'ring" stories on the next hike when we have a lot of uphill as not everyone got a chance to tell her story.
Who went? Kathy M, Joanne, Jeanne, Susan, Toni, Brenda, Katie

Check out Katie's pictures
Check out Kathy's pictures