Ptarmigan Tunnel, Aug. 10, 2013 and Sept. 15, 2013

Aug. 10--What a wonderful trip we had to Ptarmigan Tunnel. Everyone who wanted to make the tunnel did! And we helped a few people along the way again: a boy left his water bottle at Ptarmigan lake where we had lunch so Kathy Meier carried up to the tunnel for him. His family said he was out of water so they were very appreciative. And it was not a small effort for Kathy. Any extra weight to haul up those last 1,000 feet couldn't have been easy.

Then one of our hikers from group two--sorry didn't catch who so help me out ladies with the name--gave a water bottle to hiker who ran out and needed some.

Then Christi Virts ran into a friend from college (Dillon) and Kathy Dunn ran into a friend from Great Falls.
Besides people, we saw a mother ptarmigan and her brood--how appropriate; pesky ground squirrels and cute chipmunks, and big horn sheep ewes with their babies playing on the rocks.

It was quite an effort to make it all of the way to the top but oh, so rewarding. The views of Elizabeth Lake, Mount Merrit with the Old Sun Glacier were amazing. Dinner at the Swift Current Inn was so amazing but then it could have been that we were very hungry after a long hike.

Check out Kathy Meier's and my pictures at the links below. Please feel free to right click and download any that you like. To keep our Skydrive's clean, they may not all be there next week. We will post the links to the wiki too, so visit to check it out if you lose the links.

A special thanks to Kathy Dunn for driving and also leading a group of hikers and to Doris and Kathy for leading as well! Everyone pitches in and we all have a grand time!

Who went Aug 10: Gail, Kathy D, Kathy M, Katie, Mary, Sue, Bonnie, Susan, Doris, Christi V, Sara
Who went Sept. 15: Tammy, Beth T, Susan D, Mary W, Patka

Katie's pics Aug. 10

Kathy's pics Aug 10

Link to Beth's pics from Sept. 15

It was another gorgeous day in Glacier and we had the opportunity once again to push ourselves just a little bit more for the goal at the end of the hike. Mary said it is like childbirth. You work hard, go through the pain and when you get to the top and bask in your accomplishment and the beauty you will never experience any other way, you forget how hard it was. Susan was already saying that on the way down. Yay!
ptarmigantunnel (11).JPGptarmigantunnel (4).JPG
ptarmigantunnel (2).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (228).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (224).JPG
gig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (206).JPG
Tunnel Entrance
gig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (194).JPG
Old Sun Glacier on Mt Merrit
gig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (168).JPG
Big Horn Sheep

gig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (161).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (96).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (228).JPG
gig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (45).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (8).JPGgig_ptarmigantunnelAug2013 (146).JPG