Hike to Cochrane and Ryan Dam along the South Shore of River's Edge Trail

Despite wind and mud, we made it all the way to Ryan Dam on the South Shore of River's Edge Trail. Ryan Dam looked very different and pretty from this side, and the island was in stark contrast to the amber colors of autumn with all of the green grass. It was a sunny day, with beautiful ground cover, but the return trip against the wind made us feel like we had hiked 15 miles instead of 11.2.

Susan W completed her 100 miles, the second "girl" to do so, so far, behind Kathy M.

Check out our pictures--interesting, we saw guys working on Cochrane Dam, luckily strapped in.

Katie's Pics

We left at 8:30 and finished at 3 p.m.
Who went: Doris, Bonnie, Susan and Katie