Hike from Ryan to Morony Dam on North Shore Trail, April 25, 2013

Last week it was bears; this week ticks. One hiker said the count was 92 total! But despite the obstacles of biting insects, the night was a real beauty, with no wind, warm temperatures and a gorgeous sunset coupled with full moon.
From hoodoos to a coyote skeleton to flowers (fritillary, cous biscuit root, phlox), and of course the Mighty Mo, the 15 of us who hiked had plenty of photo opps, which almost had us hiking out in the dark, due to all of the shutterbugs taking their time.
We hope it was a grand welcome of a hike for newbies to our group: Christi V., Mary N., Luisa and Cheryl. For the record, Jeanne and Beth tied for the most ticks: nine.
Who went: Mary N, Beth T, Kathy D, Katie K, Christi V, Luisa, Brittany, Cassie, Cassie’s mom, Cheryl, Catherine, Tammy, Bonnie, Susan, Jeanne

Link to Beth's pictures
Link to Katie's photos

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